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Severn Scent Videos was established in May 2000, while working for ITV in London

We have been producing corporate films for client over the past few years, from the small business to the more sizable industry, wishing to expand

Featuring films for exhibitions and open day, we have the use of the latest state of the art cameras and editing systems .

Have recently invested in A Tricaster streaming system which has the ability to transmit business conferences from exhibitions and hotels worldwide on the internet 

This opens up many great features for the corporate video industry

Filming in Style

Severn Scent videos will film your Corporate Event  in full high definition with up to six cameras ,

Filmed with a broadcast team and full broadcast High Definition cinema camera 

''It's the Beauty of the Moving Image''

Premier Shropshire Videographers


It's not just a wedding film

We make classic wedding films, should you book us for your wedding day you get something really special, beautifully filmed, beautifully produced, we film all day catching those magical moments.

It's something that's completely different.


Wedding Day Films


Investment in the future


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